Raising Bollards and Parking Saver

Raising Bollards Combine Security.

Rise Bollards can be recognized at first glance! Not only for their beauty and exclusive appearance, but for all the functional features that distinguish them: technical reliability and absolute ease of installation and care.

Their design makes them suitable for the protection of sites in both urban and prestigious environments; Rise Bollards Best suits: Embassies, Hotels, Banks, Governmental Institutions, Commercial and Industrial Buildings and Public Places.

In the raised position, these rising bollards close a road to vehicles, without restricting access to pedestrians. In the lowered position, they are hidden, allowing access to vehicles.


    Convenient Protection for Parking Space.

    The parking space guard system from Beninca is an automatic device for protecting individual automobile parking spaces from being used by unauthorised vehicles, It is convenient protects any parking space in seconds.

    Easy and quick to install, it is suitable for every kind of urban environment, Also available with equipped energy saving device: ESA SYSTEM.

    Product Advantages.

    For Emergency fast opening, Impact resistance without deformation: 50 KJ 7 Breakout resistances: 2000 KJ (M50/K12).
    Provided with a unit lowers in case of power failure.
    Integration of accessories: traffic lights, intercom and more.
    Actuation by Radio receiver and transmitter.
    Inductive loops, presence detectors, push button boxes.