Road Traffic Barriers

Maximum Security and Perfect Integration

Beninca road barrier designed for the control of passages up to 7m long.
Ideal where is required the control and the management of passages of vehicles.

Barriers is also ready for operations in case of power failure through the battery pack.

Furthermore, thanks to the innovative conceal system, you can install the FTC.S ensuring maximum security and perfect integration. Also available in stainless steel.

    Innovative barrier gates and automated payment machines provide effective solutions for parking management and vehicle access control with intelligent visitor management open new opportunities in stadiums, trade fairs and theme parks.

    Smart ticket readers and online ticketing offer new perspectives for mountain destinations, more than 35 years of experience in vehicle and pedestrian access control systems.

    Automated payment machines “parking” , ticketing solutions , software and third party integrations. Also for the lower heights of the ceilings provide the articulated boom arms.

    Product Advantages.

    Boom Arm strats from 3 m Up To 12 meters.
    Opening Speed: 3 sec Up To 5 Sec.
    Torque: 205 N/m Up to 285 N/m.