Automatic Sectional Garage Doors

Modern, Style and Value Price Tag Gates

Our collection of garage doors range from beautiful, carriage-house style doors to modern all-glass. These doors are hand-crafted from heavy-duty, extruded aluminum, copper, and high-tensile steel. These doors are long-lasting and low-maintenance. With a variety of designs available, you’re sure to find a door that will accent your home.

Charming garage doors that will stand the test of time. With our variety of colors, windows and panel styles, you’re sure to find a garage doors that will perfectly complement your home. Lasting beauty with a value price tag.

Motors and Accessories

The gear motor designed for sectional doors automations up to 22 m², also available with built-in energy saving system (ESA SYSTEM).

Equipped with LED courtesy light, JIM is the perfect solution for sectional doors automations with belt drive or chain drive rails.

The 24Vdc versions ensure maximum safety and the possibility to operate the motor even in case of power failure thanks to the battery pack.
Also, the built-in encoder ensures the best precision during the operation phases of the door.

    Product Advantages

    Thrust force from 600 N Up to 1200 N.
    Out put speed up to 24 r.p.m.
    Door Surface area from 11 m² up To 40 m² , 800 kg.
    Limit Switch : Electromechanical with encoder.
    Lubrication: With oil.