Automatic Sliding Doors Systems

Innovative Technologies and Materials

Our exceptionally elegant sliding door system is the result of decades of experience at developing and manufacturing top quality products with innovative technologies and materials.

This automatic sliding door makes any entrance special, and enables particularly large opening widths. Available as single or two-leaf models, with either two or four sliding door leaves.


Particularly suited to hotels, airports, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, nursing and homes.Well suited to special retail outlets such as shopping centers, jewellery and watch shops, bespoke fashion stores and opticians, Administrative and business buildings, Public buildings, public transport, Industry etc.

    Product Advantages.

    Faster opening.
    Smooth and low-noise operation.
    Gives any entrance that special touch.
    Available for use in escape and rescue routes.
    Can be fitted with a range of security features.
    Door type STA20 , STA21, STA22.
    Opening width: from 0.8m Up to 3.00 m.
    Max. clear height of passage: 3.00 m.
    Max. door leaf weight: if single leaf up to 250 Kg,
    Double leaf up to 200 Kg each.