Sliding Gates Operators

Sliding Gate Systems for Convenience and Safety

Imperial Gate have the perfect solution for all needs and requirements of gate movement of residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Our catalog of sliding gate automation solutions is the result of our research and long experience in application in the harshest conditions of use, combined with great care to aesthetic appearance.

Our solutions are highly preferment, durable and aesthetically refined.

    Product Advantages

    Patented Face Gear, Full Metal Mechanics.
    Gear and Female Screws from Bronze.
    Personalized Release Key.
    Leaf Widths Varies from 2.00 m Up To 5.00 meters.
    Leaf Weight Varies from 200 Kg Up To 3500 Kg.
    Operating Speed Varies From 9 Sec. Up To 26 Sec.
    Thrust Force Varies from 1800N Up To 3500 N.