Industrial Shutters Side Motor

Extra Powerful Industrial Side Motors

Side motors used for sectional, rolling And Folding doors automations for industrial use, with quick release system.

Thanks to its oil lubricated reductions and high-quality materials, Our range of side motors ensures maximum performance and high reliability and safety.

Built-in wire release and handle

Maximum security guaranteed even in the phases where the quick release is actuated, thanks to a micro-switch that interrupts the power supply to the engine.
Easy and precise limit switch position adjustment.
The oil bath submerged gears with hardened steel screws and bronze gear ensures high performance, maximum reliability and low noise.

    Product Advantages

    Max. Torque Up to 135 N.
    Out Put Speed Up To 48 r.p.m.
    Door Surface Area from 11 m² Up To 40 m².
    Door Weight Up To 800 kg.
    Shaft Hole: 25.4 mm.
    Limit Switch: Electromechanical With Encoder.
    Lubrication: With Oil.