Automatic High Speed Doors Systems

Rapid-Acting Systems for Speed Access

High-speed doors are available for a variety of applications, e.g. to give outside access. These robust gates are reinforced with bars of coated steel, stainless steel or aluminum, and have a clear width of passage of up to 6000mm. Other uses are at the end of production lines or to divide zones inside buildings, e.g. in the food industry.

All record rapid-acting gates are specially prepared for individual use, allowing traffic inside factories to flow unimpeded, thanks to higher opening and closing speeds.


Access to outside for zones inside buildings, food production, hypermarkets/shopping centers or at at the end of production lines.

    Product Advantages

    Constructed to withstand strong winds.
    Up to 6m clear width of passage for gates with outside access.
    Ideal to divide zones inside buildings.
    Low lintel height enables maximum possible opening dimensions.
    Enables buildings to be divided into individual microclimates.
    Record high-speed gates mean optimal hygiene; ideal for the food industry.
    Integrated ventilation and heating systems eliminate condensation,
    ice and thermal bridges.
    Emergency opening – easy-to-use grip stick/handle/counterweight.
    Shutters/ gate leaves made of textured material/transparent.
    Control box in stainless steel or polyester (I.P. 66).
    Assembly in corridors possible.
    SAS available (interlock function).