Automatic Telescopic Doors Systems

Harmoniously Coordinated Speeds Access

The Record Telescopic Doors panels open and close in an elegant and noiseless movement and at different, harmoniously coordinated speeds. This interesting motion is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

The telescopic sliding door operator is ideal for narrow passages where the opening width obtained with a standard sliding door would not be sufficient, Crowded entrances are no problem as it opens quickly and quietly.


Particularly suited to hotels, airports, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, special retail outlets such as shopping centers, jewellery and watch shops, fashion stores, administrative and business buildings, public buildings, public transport and Industry projects etc.

    Product Advantages

    Faster opening, smooth and low-noise operation
    Gives any entrance that special touch.
    Available for use in escape and rescue routes
    Can be fitted with a range of security features.
    Door Type E-TSA (Two Leafs) or D- TSA (Four Leafs).
    Opening Width: from 0.8m Up to 4.00 m Max.
    Clear Height of Passage: 3.00 m.
    Max. Door Leaf Weight:
    If single Leaf Up to150 Kg.
    Double Leaf Up to150 Kg each.
    Four Leafs Up To 130 Kg each.