Automatic Folding Doors Systems

Ideal Solution for Quick and Easy Access

Where lack of space indicates that neither a sliding nor a swing door
can be considered, an automatic folding door provides an ideal solution.
Its particularly compact construction makes this type of door the complete space-saver which is also perfect for retro-fitting during conversions or renovations.

The record folding door is ideal when space is tight but quick and easy access is necessary. This model is easily integrated into most entrances, and can be fitted both in front of an opening as well as between two side walls. The perfect solution to keep the cost of building modifications as
low as possible.


The record folding door is ideal for narrow passageways in restaurants, hotels, business headquarters, hospitals and old people’s homes.

    Product Advantages.

    Suitable when space is very tight.
    Simple to install – Lowers cost of building modifications.
    Can Be used for Opening Width Less Than 1000 mm.
    Clear opening width (A) max. 2000 mm.
    Weight of door leaves max. Maximum 150 kg (4x 37.5 kg).
    Operating speed 0.7 m/s.
    Clear height of passage (G) up to 2500 mm.
    Housing and door leaves 30 mm (glass up to 20 mm).
    Surface finishes Colored or anodized Assembly options
    wall or beam assembly.
    Special: with opening widths less than 1000 mm.